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Welcome to National Guardian Network’s website. Since 1991, our staff have specialized in helping individuals and families meet the unique challenges of three strategic financial areas

• Long-Term Care Planning and Crisis Solutions

• Retirement Income Planning

• Asset Protection Planning

With today’s spiraling cost of long-term care it is vital that you plan for the worst and hope for the best!

First, let’s clear up what long-term care is...

Long-term care is a variety of services that includes medical and non-medical care to people who have a chronic illness or disability. Long-term care helps meet health or personal needs. Most long-term care is to assist people with support for services such as activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. Long-term care can be provided at home, in the community, in assisted living or in nursing homes. It is important to remember that you may need long-term care at any age.1

Who may need it?

This year, about nine million men and women over the age of 65 will need long-term care. By 2020, 12 million older Americans will need long-term care. Most will be cared for at home; family and friends are the sole caregivers for 70 percent of the elderly. A study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that people who reach age 65 will likely have a 40 percent chance of entering a nursing home. About 10 percent of the people who enter a nursing home will stay there five years or more.1

What are most seniors fearful of?

  • They will become dependent upon their children to take care of them.
  • They will become a burden to their children and family.
  • They won’t be able to afford to stay at home and be forced to move into a nursing home.
  • Their life savings will be wiped out by the rising cost of care and leave nothing for their heirs.

How we can help you...

If your family is dealing with a long term care planning or in crisis, a National Guardian Network plan will become your roadmap on how to pay for Home Health Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home costs in the most tax efficient, cost effective way possible. As an integral part of the plan, we investigate government programs such as Medi-Cal/Medicaid to further reduce the out-of-pocket expense for care.

• • • Important Announcement • • •

A Federal Government program has now made all US citizens ELIGIBLE for a program that can protect your assets from long terms care expenses.

Call now (1-888-585-8033) to talk to an advisor who will provide you with critical information on how this government sponsored program can protect your assets from the devastating costs of long-term care and also how:

  • To qualify for Medi-Cal/Medicaid without having to spend down your life savings
  • Your IRA may be used to pay for long term care without disinheriting your children
  • Your full IRA balance could potentially transfer Tax Free to your children

Call us now at 1-888-585-8033 to find out how to receive a FREE Long Term Care Consultation!